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Coronavirus changing search queries originating from Turkey

May 3, 2020 • ☕️ 1 min read • 🏷 Arama trendleri analizi

Translated by author into: English

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The cases mentioned below are completely real:

A few of my friends want to turn their company back to home office. Those who have to spend more time with their spouse are about to make serious decisions. It never goes into the pool, I drink something from someone else’s glass, kiss the hand, bite it at the end, do not walk by the bath / massage, eat outside, do not enter the butcher, do not use someone else’s prayer. search habits have changed in Turkey with a coronavirus. And that tells us something for the future.

PS. The data below was extracted using the Google Trends product. Briefly, it shows how much one or more “words” have been searched on Google in a given period.

My head hurts … As my breathing is narrowing … He coughed … Hold me Jackie …

Community psychology, its reaction interacts with each other. In the last 12 monthly reports of Google Trends, February 9 to 15 weeks, these three words in Turkey (headache, shortness of breath, cough) to increased search queries. After the first case of interest from the date of March 11th cough calls on Turkey sees its peak.

Rest will be translated soon…